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Dear All,


Welcome Letter from FOSA


As the newly appointed PTA, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the Oakhill PTA (F.O.S.A).


The purpose of F.O.S.A is to support the staff, parents and most especially the pupils of Oakhill. Over the years, F.O.S.A have been very productive and busy heling develop the educational environment for all of our pupils. As a newly appointed F.O.S.A we would like to continue this successful approach.


In order to do this, the support and involvement of parents, pupils and staff of Oakhill is vital. We would like to encourage each of you to join in; we are very friendly and have lots of fun, many new friends are made through F.O.S.A.


We warmly welcome new members and we keep in touch through out email list (to which you can be added if you would like). This allows us to inform everyone about F.O.S.A. events that need volunteers and also to share information. Not everyone can attend meetings, as we know you all have busy lives, and through email you will be kept up to date with progress reports. We also have a Facebook group that you can follow, FOSA/Friends of Oakhill School Association, which we are hoping will be a valuable source of communication.


We welcome you and really look forward to meeting and working with you and your children.


Committee Members

The current committee members are:


Sarah Pryor (Chair)

Amber Conway (Treasurer)

Bea Taylor

Rachel Tappin

Sarah Jane Carpenter

Claudine Hartzel

Helen Walker



FOSA fundraises for the school throughout each academic year and achieves its aims by supporting and running events, as well as seeking funding from any other source available.

The money raised is spent in various ways:


Each class is given a donation towards transport for school trips

Money goes towards Christmas parties and Easter eggs

Class teachers are able to purchase extra resources for the benefit of each class.


Getting Involved

Please support Oakhill Primary School PTA fundraisers by helping out at events, sharing new ideas to raise funds or by donating prizes for raffles and competitions. Your help is needed if FOSA is to continue to be successful.


Please contact FOSA if you can help:


Please like the FOSA Facebook page for updates