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Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2020-21


Renewal Curriculum

Recharge Curriculum

Autumn 1

(7 weeks)

Autumn 2

(8 weeks)

Spring 1

(6 weeks)

Spring 2

(6 weeks)

Summer 1

(5 weeks)

Summer 2



Water, Water Everywhere


Y4 curriculum

Scandinavia  (G)


Our Living Planet- how sustainable are we?


Who was the bravest, the boldest and the greatest? 

Vikings v’s Romans (H)

Would you rather be an Athenian or Spartan?

Ancient Greece (H)

What was the impact of the Victorians on Britain? (H)

Literacy: units


Personal Correspondence

Traditional Tales – stories  from other cultures (Norway)

Recount: diary entries from Ayesha’s point of view


Explain – Complaints

Persuade: Debate

Narrative Poetry

Newspaper Reports (based on the Highwayman)


Entertain: Narrative

Persuade- Job Application

Shakespeare: Hamlet

Key texts (Literacy)

Journey to the River Sea

Tatterhood- Nordic myth


Oranges in No Man’s Land

The story of the blue planet

The Highwayman

The Adventures of Odysseus


The Iliad (children’s version)

Shakespeare: Hamlet


Street Child


Number: place value

Number: addition and subtraction


Number: multiplication and division

Measurement: perimeter and area

Number: multiplication and division

Number: fractions

Number: fractions

Number: decimals and percentages

Number: decimals

Geometry: properties of shape

Geometry: position and direction

Measurement: converting units

Measurement: volume


Changing State

Material: Properties


Earth & Space

Solids, liquids and gases

Food Chains (Y4 curriculum)

Life Cycle including humans



Using the  Internet: validity of data/ use info from internet in a presentation (copyright)

Digital Media: Video editing 

Communicating: emails / year group blog

Digital Media: photography 

Programming: create/ edit/ refine algorithms (create a game)

Creating/ publishing: Prezi

Using data : spreadsheets/ databases

Creative- Music 

Cyclic patterns: Exploring rhythm and pulse

Roundabout: Exploring rounds

Journey into space: exploring sound sources

Songwriter: Exploring lyrics and melody

Stars, hide your fires: performing together

Who Knows? Exploring music processes

Creative- Art







PSHE/ safeguarding


Physical & Mental Health

Keeping Safe

Relationships: Friends & Family

Respectful & sage Relationships

Living in the Wider World: Financial Literacy

Health & Wellbeing: Ourselves- Growing & Changing

RE Day

Places of worship: Christianity (Cathedrals and churches)

Festivals: Hanukah

Important stories in religion: Islam 

A day in the life...


RE through art

(symbols): Buddhism

Values through religion: Sikhism and Islam 


Basic Movements

Net Games

Team Games



Strike and Field Games

Home Learning Projects


3D model the water cycle and an explanation text on how it works

Travel brochure of Scandinavia (or one of its countries)

Sustainability Project

3D model of a Viking ship. Written account on Viking invasion.

Research a Greek god/goddess, draw their portrait and write an account

The Great Exhibition- make a model of a Victorian invention and write on its importance